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Today’s job seeker is always searching (even on the toilet!)

I am sure you don’t need me to tell you how often people are on their phones. Especially if you’ve got kids & they are anything like mine.

Here are some key facts for you:

  1. Over 90% of job seekers use their smartphone to find their next role
  2. On average millennial’s (aged 24-39), check their phones 158 times a day
  3. 52% of job seekers search whilst in bed
  4. 37% of job seekers search whilst at work


Over 21% of job seekers search for jobs whilst on the toilet!

So, with these facts in mind, it is clear that is you want to appeal & hire the right talent for your business, you need to be advertising online & on the right channels / platforms that your target audience is searching on.

That’s where we come in… we have seen a lot of our clients, freight & logistics companies large and small, looking to bring the recruitment process in-house. So, we have launched an online recruitment advertising service that provides hiring companies with all the tools they need to just that.

We can get your Job Ad live and receiving applications in next to no time – advertising your role across all the leading job boards, recruitment platforms & social media.

What’s more, all applications will automatically drop into your cloud-based dashboard for you to review & hire as many candidates as you wish, all for just £399, no catch, no more to pay… that’s it.

Find out more by calling 023 8033 6633 and speak to one of our account managers, or email

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