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Why should candidates choose you?

In my 19 years of recruiting or the shipping & logistics industry, I have never experienced such a shortage of industry professionals looking to make a career move than we are facing now.

With competition for good candidates at an all time high, candidates are attending 3 or 4 interviews and, in most cases, getting job offers from all of them.

What does this mean?

The candidate has a choice and is able to choose which role & company best suits their needs, expectations & values. Ultimately, which role will they be most happy and rewarded in.

To help you win candidates over, here are my top tips:

  1. The interview sets the tone for the working environment within your organisation if they were successful. So, remember not to be too tough, be friendly and treat it like a conversation, not an interrogation.


  1. Explain how they will be challenged, mentored, involved & appreciated in the role.


  1. If your staff have been with your company for a long-time, tell them – this is a great indication of a happy workforce.


  1. Yes, you need your team to put a full shift in, but can you be flexible? If they put an extra couple of hours in every week when things are busy surely, they can escape early for that sports day their child wants them at or an appointment?


  1. When making an offer don’t low ball them. Let’s face it, we all go to work to pay the bills. Money is not everything, but certainly a deciding factor when a candidate makes a decision on who to join. If you know they want £28K, don’t go in at £27K.


  1. Allow them to meet the team & see where they would sit – this helps eliminate nerves, doubt & uncertainty. This allows them to get a real feel of how they would fit in to your company / offices and reduces fear of the unknown.


There are certainly many more ways you can maximise your chances of getting that great candidate to choose your company & get them onboard. This is certainly an area where we can add value & help you with.

Take care, all the best,

Steve Wyeth

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