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Top tips on how to recruit successfully in today’s market

Having stated SDW 20 years ago this year, in this time I have never seen such a shortage of experienced candidates applying for jobs. There has always been peaks & troughs in application numbers, but, not as low as this and for so long.

There is a battle on, between employers fighting for that elusive candidate as soon as they come along…  Yes, some of the salaries being banded about are crazy, £35K for 2 years of import experience? When do I start 😀

But, it’s not just a lack of candidates that is this issue. You need to change how you recruit.

My top tips:

  • Understand the boot is completely on the other foot and candidates are calling the shots now, not you
  • You must get better at selling your company & jobs
  • You must communicate your culture, values and explain why your company is a great place to work
  • Must be flexible & offer full support
  • You must speed up the shortlisting, interview and offer process – speed is key

Most of all, answer and communicate the following question – Why should this candidate work for you?

I hope this helps, and as always we are here to help, support & guide our clients throughout the hiring process. It’s tough, but we love a challenge here at SDW 😉

Don’t hesitate to make contact, for just advice or help with hiring.


Steve Wyeth | 023 8033 6633

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