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Recruitment in 2021 will hurt

I am not one to look on the negative side of life, albeit personal or business, and after recruiting for the logistics sector since 2002, I’ve seen good times, bad times and mediocre times – all part & parcel of business & life in general.

There are a lot of gloomy predictions with regards to recruitment, but let me tell you from the front line – it’s never been so hard & that will be here to stay for the rest of 2021, that is my prediction.

This year we will see a disturbing rise in candidates accepting counter-offers. They will ghost us recruiters and employers alike, accept multiple offers simultaneously, not turn up to interviews or even on their start date. They will inexplicably ‘go silent’ towards the end of the recruitment process, only to re-appear as if nothing was amiss.

It’s happening now. It hurts.

Anyone who is currently employed at the moment, with all the uncertainty of the pandemic & the effect on their daily lives, are not open to changing jobs. Unless their hand is forced. There are a few risk adverse candidates, but they are in the minority – and these are the ones you need to bring to your hiring table.

The freight & logistics industry is busier than ever. With Brexit and all the new Customs procedures, companies need to hire, and hire fast.

So, what can you do? It is all in the attraction and ultimately showing potential job seekers, why your role is better than the job they are already in. It is not about earning an extra £1K or £2K, they are going to give up security, colleagues they know (may not like but know), systems & processes they are familiar with, proven history, customers they are acquainted to – all to jump into the unknown.

So, what would I suggest…

Take some time to define your Employer Value Proposition (EVP). This is a short statement that summarises what your organisation offers to the people who work for you. The EVP is the start point of your recruitment strategy and underpins every aspect of the recruitment marketing you subsequently undertake.

When you’ve done this, you’ll have a deep understanding of the people you need to attract which will allow you to set about finding them.

Recruitment specialists like SDW Recruitment who understand the logistics sector, know the best way to run recruitment campaigns and to successfully bring new recruits on-board – so be sure to draw on their experience.

Recruitment in 2021 is going to be painful, there will be let downs and disappointments. Counter-offers, no-shows & never to be seen agains.

But… do not take it personally, we are here to support you and keep making the effort, listen to our advice, listen to the candidates themselves, address their concerns, show them why your job is better than the one that they are currently in, and we will get there.

There will always be good people, looking to work for good companies. Fact.

If you’d like to discuss any of the points raised above or anything recruitment related, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 023 8033 6633 or email me on steve.wyeth@sdwrecruitment.co.uk

All the best,


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