Right time to change logistics jobs

Is now the right time to make a career move?

On average, UK workers tend to move jobs every 3 to 4 years, with younger workers loyalty to the employers becoming even less, as they look to move on after around 2 years.

But with the Coronavirus pandemic & all the uncertainty, we have seen many people within the logistics industry who are currently employed  are no longer open to making a job move at this difficult time & understandably so.

After all, making a career change is daunting at the best of times, let alone in the middle of a global pandemic.

As with most situations there are pros & cons, so we have put together a few pointers, so you can weigh up whether it is a good time for you explore new job opportunities.

Risk – if you are in a fairly secure job, in some industries & sectors it could be risky to jump ship now. But within the shipping, freight & logistics sector, most companies are busier than ever. Shipping volumes are at an all time high (along with freight rates!) and with more complexity in the Customs process due to Brexit, this has all has an impact with most logistics providers trading very profitably.

Is the grass greener? Not always. A lot of employers are wanting more for less right now. Would the move be just a like for like, albeit in terms of responsibility, opportunities and salary? Do your due diligence, make sure that the new job will be better than the one your in. We can help you and you can be assured we’ll always be honest & transparent.

Climb the career ladder – with less experienced logistics professionals open to making a career move, demand is very high, and supply is very short. This means your application could really stand out! So, if you are looking for a more senior role, employers could well be keen to secure your experience, buy into you potential & provide you that all important step up in your career progression to maybe a team leader or a supervisor / manager.

When is the the right time for a change? It’s a bit like trying for a baby, if you you look for excuses then there is never a good time. So, weigh things up, explore potential opportunities available to you & make an informed decision.

If you work within the shipping, freight forwarding & logistics industry, we’d love the opportunity to assist you in finding your perfect next job role and are always here to offer confidential, no obligation advice. You can also checkout our latest job vacancies here

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