Use this checklist to help you prepare for a job interview

So, your CV has impressed, you’ve got to interview stage and you really want the job. Now is the time to do the prep work, to make sure you impress on the day of your interview.  But what can you do? You’ve read the advert 10 times, so you’ve got a good idea about the role itself, but what else can give you the edge?

As the leading recruiter to the shipping, logistics & freight profession, we’ve put together a checklist to help you impress on the day:

  1. Confirm who you’ll be meeting

There are different people in different roles who are normally involved in the selection process, from HR through to PA’s and of course the actual Hiring Manager themselves. Make sure you know exactly who is holding the interview, so you know who to ask for and you can do some research prior to your interview.

  1. Check out the interviewer

Do a little bit of digging – have a look on the company websites, is there a meet the team page with a bio? Take a look at their LinkedIn & twitter profile. You can get an idea from their interactions and their language, as to whether they are formal in their approach or a little more laid back. What are their interests & values? Do you know anyone in common?

  1. Checkout the company website & social media

This should be obvious. Learn as much about the company, what they do and who they work with as possible.

  1. What question(s) are you going to ask?

Have a good think about a couple of questions you an ask. This will really show the interviewer that you actually interested in the role & company. Some examples could be:

‘What’s your timeline for making a decision, and when can I expect to hear back from you?

‘Is this a new position? If not, why did the person before me leave this role?’

‘Is there anything else I can provide to help you make your decision?’

‘Do you need me to clarify or elaborate on anything I said or that you read on my CV?’

  1. Do a dummy run

So many times, I have seen candidates arrive late to an interview because the office or location is not where they thought it was. Or they had trouble parking. A couple of days before, go and have a look, are they where you think they are, is there somewhere to park close by, what is the traffic like. Knowing this will ensure you’ll arrive in good time on the day, relaxed and ready to impress, not in a panic because you can’t find them.

Hopefully these tips will help you prepare for your interview, now its down to you to go in there and smash it.

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