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BIFA’s planning to return to work – post Coronavirus guide

We would like to share with the freight & logistics community BIFA’s guide on returning to work safely .

BIFA is receiving enquiries from Members regarding what steps they should be taking in order to facilitate their return to work when the current lockdown restrictions are eased by the Government. At the time of writing, it is difficult to provide precise answers because there are numerous variables including:

• The lack of specific guidance from Government relative to the lockdown easing
• Member’s business activities
• Premises layout

In this guidance, we intend to highlight the main areas for consideration and identify the key elements for potential inclusion in any such plan. From Government announcements, it is clear, that there will have to be considerable changes when people return to work compared to the pre-23 March 2020 situation. Our suggestion would be to think carefully and document relative to your business the risks, the scale of that risk and potential ways to mitigate them.

Please click here to download the BIFA guide in PDF format.

Take care, stay safe.

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